Zircon Minerals Malaysia is based near to Port Klang, focused on the development and production of Zircon opacifiers for the ceramic sectors throughout Asia and the Middle East.

A partnership between Sukaso India, Vitis Vietnam and a management team having extensive experience within the sector. Utilising the latest production technology to efficiently produce high quality market leading opacifiers for use in both traditional ceramics and specialty sectors.

With an installed capacity in excess of 24,000MT per annum we are large enough to satisfy the needs of the tile industry having the flexibility and experience to manufacture dedicated products for Sanitaryware, Tableware, Investment casting, foundry, friction and other specialty applications.


Zircon Minerals Malaysia is strategically placed close to the deep-water port of Klang, minimizing both incoming and outgoing logistic costs for our export focused business. Taking mineral sands from the established mines in Australia and delivering finished product throughout SE Asia, North Asia and the Middle East our facility is ideally placed to effect on time delivery to our wider customer base. 

Our bespoke facility has been designed and constructed using the most advanced equipment, allowing the production of both standard grade and superfine opacifier and mineral combinations at the lowest unit cost within the sector.

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